One Desire Fast

We encourage you to join our church from Jan 12-23 as we fast together to prepare our hearts during One Desire Fast (ODF).

Get the ODF Handbook here!

As we fast each day, it’s important to make sure we’re filling our “void” with truths of God and time with God. As we fast together as HMCC, let’s pray together as well. Each day has a dedicated passage from the Bible Reading Plan to read and prayer requests to pray through. As you take in these words of God, identify a verse that speaks to you and say them back to God in the form of a prayer – this is a great way to build up our prayer life and vocabulary. Don’t just pray them for yourself either – pray these same blessings and promises over a pre-Christian in your life. Be sure to write down any thoughts/feelings/questions that come up in these days of prayer and fasting. Share them with your LCG, LIFE group, mentor, and friends. At the end of these two weeks, we pray that your heart for the lost and the kingdom of God will be bigger than how it began!

Each day also has a prayer request. Some of the prayer requests are for other churches within our HMCC family. Let’s keep the other churches in prayer as we journey together. Other prayer requests are for our church, whether for the different components of the BOLD vision, our retreat, as well as our various life stages and LIFE Groups. Spend some time praying for these various prayer requests throughout the day!


Bible Reading Plan: Genesis 18
Reading Material: Article: Fasting For Beginners

Bible Reading Plan: Genesis 19
Food Resources: Simple 2 Min Breakfast Smoothie

Church Prayer Requests:
HMCC of Ann Arbor – Pray for the church to grow to maturity as disciples of Jesus Christ by investing in life-on-life discipleship relationships, men’s and women’s ministry, and intergenerational relationships in the body of Christ.

Prayer Request from Covenant:

  1. Pray for the couples and families to grow deeper in their relationship with God. Pray for greater intimacy with the Lord through prayer and reading of the Word.
  2. Pray for a commitment to support the local church and be a part of the community where they can grow and encourage others in return.

Bible Reading Plan: Matthew 6
Reading Material: Article: Why Do People Fast and Pray?

Church Prayer Requests:
Build 1 school of ministry
Pray that through the ALIVE course, worship, experiencing classes, and other resources we will begin to develop a curriculum to form the basis of a school of ministry.

Prayer Request from J-Walkers(HKU):

  1. Reach new committed members from different faculties in HKU than our current members, so we can reach students from all disciplines and faculties in HKU
  2. Raise up disciples who will have a heart to invest in the campus long term, so we can see multiplication and share the Gospel to the next generation (e.g., freshmen next year)

Bible Reading Plan: Genesis 20-21
Food Resources:
First food recommendation: Green Common
The restaurant specializes in vegetarian dishes. The beyond burgers are cholesterol-free and antibiotic-free. It is served with fresh veggies.

Church Prayer Requests:
HMCC of Jakarta – Pray that we would actively develop Gospel friendships on Gospel mission, intentionally helping one another to follow Christ, especially those who are different than us, living in such a way that embodies that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Bible Reading Plan: Genesis 22
Reading Material: Article: The Secret Benefit of Fasting

Church Prayer Requests:
Open 1 site locally and 1 church globally
Pray that we can open a site locally to make an impact in Hong Kong and a church globally so that we can reach out to more people globally.

Prayer Request from SIGNAL(CUHK):

  1. For SIGNAL to gain that sense of unity with one another and with God as they experience Christ-centered community
  2. For God to encounter us, remind us how sinful we are, so that we may come to Him in repentance and receive His grace with joy

Bible Reading Plan: Genesis 23-24
Food Resources: Simple and Vegan smoothie recipe

Church Prayer Requests:
HMCC of Detroit – Pray to invest lovingly in Detroit neighborhoods and to invest faithfully in Detroit students.

Prayer Request from FUSION(PolyU):

  1. Please pray that our members will be able to personally encounter God no matter where they are in their faith. Spiritual awakening in our members.
  2. Greater dependence on God in every day life. Pray that our members will be hungrier for the word of God.

Bible Reading Plan: Matthew 7
Reading Material: Article: 9 Reasons to Fast Other Than “It’s Swimsuit Season”

Church Prayer Requests:
Launch at least 1 LIFE Group on different universities and regions in Hong Kong
Pray that we will be able to multiply LIFE Groups into more regions in Hong Kong and campuses that we do not currently have LIFE Groups in.

Prayer Request from AYW(HKUST):

  1. For our members to grow in intimacy with God, to know Him deeper, to be in tune with what He is saying to each and every one of them
  2. For our members to see the value in spending time in reflection, in Bible reading, in prayer, as a foundation for the rest of the year and for their lives

Retreat Testimonies – Cindy (HKUST)

Hi, my name is Cindy and this is my experience last year at retreat. I attended my first retreat last year. I didn’t expect much going into retreat, I was lost and felt that I have been distant from God because I wanted control in my life. At that point, I was still struggling with the transition from high school to university. I felt that I wasn’t in a place I wanted to be in and didn’t know why God brought me here. Yet in those few days, God revealed himself to me in so many ways. I was reminded of his faithfulness in my life through the sharing of testimonies and seeing LIFE group members accept Christ. I experienced God’s love as our LIFE group and our class bonded over the various activities. The most memorable time for me was during one of the sermons about letting go of past victories and failures. I felt God rebuking me and telling me to trust his plan. I knew that God used this retreat to remind me of his faithfulness and bring me closer to him.

Bible Reading Plan: Genesis 25-26
Food Resources:
Second food recommendation: Sakura Veggie
The restaurant specializes in vegetarian and japanese dishes.

Church Prayer Requests:
HMCC of Austin – Pray for deeper investment into maturing God’s people as Christ’ disciples. And pray for intentional investment in loving the people of Austin as we serve them and share the Gospel of Jesus with them.

Prayer Request from CLOUT(Focus):

  1. For each person to hunger after God and experience a more rooted and deeper relationship with him as we realize a greater need for him especially from reading & responding to the Word and making it a priority
  2. Salvations – for the Gospel to be boldly shared and for people to come to know Christ especially as we’ve had more new friends join our gatherings

Retreat Testimonies – Michelle (PolyU)

Hi, my name is Michelle from the PolyU LIFE Group, and this is my retreat testimony.

The last retreat was one of the times where I really encounter God powerfully, by Him giving me an outpouring of His love.

During the prayer session before the retreat, God showed me how I was lost, how even when we were praying together I felt like there was nobody around me and that I was really lonely. During the first night of the retreat, I remember Pastor Dave was talking about how God does not always talk to us audibly (which I usually search for) but God talks to us through the thoughts in our mind as well.  When I was thinking and praying about it, I remembered the feeling again when I was praying in life group. There were so many people around me, but felt lonely. However compared to when I was praying in life group, I felt like a ball of fire came to me, a sense of warmth and light, and through that warmth, I can actually feel how someone was asking me to come over and when I did I was hugged and I didn’t feel lonely anymore.
I knew that that somebody was actually God hugging me saying, “I’m always with you and I will never leave you.”

This outpouring of love and warmth made me forget about anything else except for thanks for how God is always by my side even when I feel like I’m alone.

Bible Reading Plan: Matthew 8
Reading Material: Article: A Call to Fast for Humility and Power

Church Prayer Requests:
Disciple 1,000 people through the ALIVE training courses
Pray for more people to take the ALIVE training course and learn how to disciple others to be ALIVE disciples of Christ.

Prayer Request from FLEX(CUHK):

  1. Personal experience with God that leads to a deeper understanding of the Gospel to take faith-filled steps.
  2. Transcending limits by going out of our comfort zones and developing a heart for the people in CUHK as we start the semester

Retreat Testimonies – Maggie (Focus)

Hi, my name is Maggie and here is what I experienced at retreat last year. To my surprise, last year’s retreat covered a lot on the topic on creativity- I was awestruck by who God is- our joyful creator, that was something I exactly needed to hear and be reminded of.  I was so moved when I learnt that the urge to create is part of God’s image and He delights in us simply when we enjoy the process of creating, this was something I hold on to later the year when I took steps of faith to start a passion project with my friend.

Bible Reading Plan: Genesis 27-28
Food Resources: Try this Sunshine Smoothie with slightly more ingredients

Church Prayer Requests:
HMCC of Tangerang – Pray for us as we prepare to send and support our missionaries for the DMM Hub who will be sent to reach the unreached and unengaged among the Banten people. Pray that we continue to grow in declaring and demonstrating the Gospel to those around us.

Prayer Request from REAL(HKUST):

  1. For us to deeply experience God during the fast and throughout the semester
  2. For us to grow to be like the Acts 2 community

Retreat Testimonies – Elvin (CUHK)

Hi, my name is Elvin and this is how I experienced outpouring at the retreat. For me retreat last year was amazing. During retreat, I was praying whether or not I should join the China Missions Project and God gave me signs even before retreat. When my SALT Community was discussing about how many cakes to buy, I got the image of number 3 on my mind, but I chose to ignore. I was pretty sure that 2 was already a lot. Fast forward to the second night of retreat, my LIFE Group celebrated two people accepting Christ and it was so joyful. In my heart I was happy for them and also thinking that the image that I got beforehand was nothing but a random number. Waking up in the morning, before going back to home after retreat, as usual my LIFE Group celebrated people who received Christ, but it turns out that there is one more person who received Christ on that day, which means that 3 people received Christ that day and that my vision came true. I can see that God is working in people’s life to experience Him powerfully while also speaking to me in that moment. I feel in that moment God was telling me that I need to take leap of faith to sign up for China Missions Project and not be afraid of what the future holds because He is in control. So, I decided to sign up which ended up to be a eye-opening experience for me.

Bible Reading Plan: Genesis 29
Reading Material: Article: Sharpen Your Affections with Fasting

Church Prayer Requests:
Pray that we would be able to raise up radical disciples of Christ who will live out their faith and be a light in Hong Kong and beyond. Also, pray for us to have a more permanent location to be able to meet as a church and serve the city.

Prayer Request from OASIS(Focus):

  1. Pray for salvation in our LG. We have several pre-Christians in our LG, please pray that God will reveal who He is to them through everything and open people’s heart to really know that He’s the God of their life.
  2. Pray for deeper commitment to Christ. We have a number of young Christians in our LG and we pray that they’ll be able to recognize the value of following Christ and be sold out up pursuing Him.

Retreat Testimonies – Jeffrey (Covenant)

Hi, my name is Jeffrey and I’m from Covenant LIFE Group. Entering retreat, I felt like I was in a spiritual desert and went in with hesitation and no expectation. It was in this state that when Pastor Dave preached about “Encountering God,” that I realized my flaws and sinfulness. As we entered into a time of response, I remember Pastor Dave praying that everyone could encounter God, and in the self-reflecting time after that, I began to have flashbacks to monumental moments in my life. At each moment, I revisited those emotions in life and tears streamed down my face, and realized how much I needed God actually. With everything I was feeling, God suddenly spoke to me, “I understand all your pains. I will always love you and be with you.” In the meantime, I felt the Holy Spirit cleansed away my burdens from the past, and healed my emotional wounds in the past years.  I was renewed in spirit, at peace joyfully. In experiencing God’s goodness, I responded by asking, “What do you want me to do” and God called me to surrender myself to Jesus completely, and to love my family unconditionally. All in all, the retreat provided a tangible experience for me with God in 2019, and I am excited to see what he has in store for us in 2020.

Bible Reading Plan: Genesis 30
Food Resources:
Third food recommendation: Saravanaa Bhavan
The restaurant specializes in authentic Indian cuisine, using traditional Indian spices and recipes. A variety of Indian dishes are available, such as Paper Masala Dosa, a rolled pancakes packed with various Indian spices, and Masala Chaas with Coriander.

Church Prayer Requests:
Pray for God’s presence, power, and protection for our 2020 Congregational Retreat.

Prayer Request from Building Blocks:

  1. For the kids to have a personal relationship with Jesus
  2. For the kids to share the gospel with others

Retreat Testimonies – Felicite (HKU)

Hi, my name is Felicite and this is my retreat testimony.

It was during last year’s retreat that I was thinking about whether to join missions or not. On the last night of the retreat, I made the excuse that I was an empty cup and did not have any time or effort to be a good member on the missions team, so I decided to not to join. The next morning, the first slide of the PowerPoint for the sermon showed a picture of an overflowing glass of water. The exact opposite image of my excuse! I realized I was really selfish and had a lot of fear of losing time for my studies. I wanted to be more generous, but at the same time I felt empty and had nothing to offer. But God reminded me that I just needed to trust Him: He is the one who will be generous and pour into my empty cup of water. And throughout this year He has continued to reveal the leaks in my cup, mended it and poured more into me to help me experience Him more!

Other resources: