Here are some additional resources that we hope will be a blessing to you during your fast!

Green Common
The restaurant specializes in vegetarian dishes. The beyond burgers are cholesterol-free and antibiotic-free. It is served with fresh veggies.

MANA! StarStreet
MANA! is a fast-casual destination for plant-based, whole-foods, served fast, and packaged in an eco-friendly & responsible manner.

Kailash Parbat
This place serves authentic Bombay street food, with a taste and tradition garnished with the right mix of passion and unlimited flavours

My Ahjussi
It is a fusion cafe and restaurant in Tai Kok Tsui offering a vegetarian twist on an array of Korean-western foods. The restaurant also actively hires members from the disabled community!

No Milkshake No Life
It is a cafe that features a variety of milkshakes and sandwiches. A place for you to consider, especially if you’re doing a liquid fast!

My Meat Run Buddy
This restaurant specializes in vegetarian buffet, for both lunch and dinner sessions. And the menu often changes once a week.

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Whether you had a wonderful and fun day or you are struggling through a tough day, we all need a little reminder of God’s word. Here is a safe place to be honest with how you feel. This is just between you and God. Feel free to click on the emoji that best reflects your emotion. Then choose the word that best represents how you feel. You will then find a gallery of verses that we have specially chosen for you to read, to meditate on, to hold on to and to live out.

Looking for things to do during your fast? We present to you the One Desire Fast (ODF) Roulette!


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