At HMCC, we believe that when God gives someone a vision, He will always provide for that vision.

God invites us to partner with Him in His ministry of making disciples and transforming the world. Our financial giving—whether it is regular tithes or additional gifts—is not only an expression of thankfulness and worship unto God, but also an act of faith that God will provide and equip His church for His mission.

Your gift propels us towards our vision and enables our church to respond swiftly with obedience to God’s calling. We invite you to contribute to this vision and to play a vital role in what God is doing!

Ways to Give

When giving, please always use your legal name and provide the same email address consistently. There are a few different ways you can give to our church:

Online Credit Card Giving

Kindly note that a portion of your giving will be deducted for online credit card transactions (3.5% + HKD $2.35 processing fee). If you wish for 100% of your contribution to go towards our church’s ministry work, please consider selecting “cover fees” on the giving site or give via cash or check.

Click here to proceed with online credit card giving.


You may give to our church by cash or check in an offering envelope at Sunday Celebration.


All Checks should be made out to: “Harvest Mission Community Church (Hong Kong) Limited”

You may also mail your checks or donations to:
P.O. Box 50443
Sai Ying Pun Post Office
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Direct Bank Transfer or Auto Pay

You may use the following information:
Bank Name: China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited
Bank Code: 009
Branch Code: 845
Account Name: Harvest Mission Community Church (Hong Kong) Limited
Account Number: 13012090
Transfer Remarks: Please indicate the giving type (Weekly Offering, Tithe, HMI, or Other) and write down the giving date (e.g. Weekly Offering 2019-11-03)

If our account name is too long and exceeds the number of permitted characters, you may shorten it as “Harvest Mission Community Church HK”.

Please email a copy of your transfer receipt along with your Full Name within 2 weeks to

Fast Payment System (FPS)

Open your mobile banking FPS interface and scan the QR code OR input the FPS identifier:

FPS ID: 167534304

It is helpful to provide your name and information when giving to HMCC so that we can keep track of your giving and issue your annual giving report in April.

Personal information is kept confidential, used only for tax receipt purposes, and is only accessible by the Stewardship Team. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

When you give, you can give under any of the following categories:

Tax Exemption

Harvest Mission Community Church (Hong Kong) Limited is a registered charity recognized by the Inland Revenue Department in Hong Kong. Donations to “Harvest Mission Community Church (Hong Kong) Limited” can be exempted from income tax in Hong Kong. Giving receipts will be available to all donors who include their personal details on the offering envelope or email us at to request a receipt. Members will receive their giving reports at the end of the Hong Kong fiscal year in April, in compliance with the Hong Kong SAR government.