2020 Summer Missions Project

IMPORTANT: Message from the 2020 SMP Team Leaders

Dear supporters,

Thank you so much for all the support for prayer and finances for our trip so far. We are so grateful. It was our church and team’s prayer that God would open up a way for us to go to Thailand to serve and minister to the people there. However, after discussing with the missionary partners and observing the regulations released by both the Thai and Hong Kong governments, we have decided to postpone the trip indefinitely. Several factors led to this decision, including the postponing of schools and ministry opportunities in Thailand, as well as the mandatory 14-day quarantine period for all travelers in both locations. Although the situation seems disappointing for our team as we had prepared to go, we are trusting in God and believing that He has a purpose for us. Our team will be finishing our training in the next few weeks and closing out our time with a one-time serving activity at the end of May here in Hong Kong to serve the needs locally.

If you have already supported us financially, we are giving you the option to either let the funds flow into our needs to support this serving activity and the surplus to our church’s general missions fund, or, to refund the amount fully back to your account.

To request a full refund for your donations, please email stewardship@hongkong.hmcc.net with the following information (note that if we do not hear from you before 30 May, your donations will be moved to the general missions fund automatically):
Email subject: “HMI-P Refund”
Your full name (as shown on our bank account):
Your bank name:
Your bank account number:
Amount given:

Thank you so much for your continuous support and for understanding. Please continue to pray for our team and open doors in the future for missions projects.

2020 SMP Team Leaders
Harvest Mission Community Church (Hong Kong)

This page is about our 2020 Summer Missions Project (SMP). To get the latest updates, check out our Instagram page. We would also appreciate it if you partnered with us through financial giving and checked out our fundraising page.

What are we doing?

God has given our church the privilege to send some of our members to serve and share the gospel in Thailand for the first time this summer!  From the 5th of June to the 28th of June, our team will be going to three locations in Thailand: Bangkok, Phetchabun, and Chiang Mai. 

As some of you may know, Thailand currently has enforced travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 situation.  Therefore, we are praying that the overall situation will improve and that the ban will be lifted soon to allow us to go there!  We are still preparing however we can while waiting so that we are ready to be sent whenever God opens up the way for us.

Thailand Demographics

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia with an estimated population of approximately 70 million people.  Buddhism is the official religion of the country and 94.6% of the population are estimated to be Buddhist.  Only about 1% of the population are Christian. Thailand has roughly 102,500 refugees who are not covered by any national legal framework, making them more vulnerable to injustice.  Furthermore, more than 88,000 orphans and abandoned children live in Thailand. Because of this, we believe that this missions project is an incredible opportunity from God for us to partner with Him in serving the needy and sharing the good news of Christ with the Thai people.

Our Partners

Our team is partnering with three local organizations during the missions project.

Who are we?

We have 21 members consisting of single adults and college students going on this year’s missions project.  We are currently undergoing weekly training to prepare our minds and hearts to love and serve the people there.

Individual Testimonies

Andrea Kurniasari, Single Working Adult

I am keen to see what God is doing outside of Hong Kong and this missions trip provides me with an opportunity to look beyond myself and where I am at right now. As a working adult, I also want to leave the comfort of my job to actually do something tangible in the name of God.

Peter Tseng, 4th year University Student

I signed up for missions because as I was reflecting on what had happened in the previous years, it seemed like God was leading me to this step. There were still a lot of doubts and uncertainties in my mind, but I wanted to honor God by taking this step of faith because I know He is an honoring God.

Malvin Kiman, Single Working Adult

I have decided to join this year’s summer missions project believing that this is part of the greater reason as to why God has called me to stay in Hong Kong post-graduation, and growing a heart after His.

Yuk Chak Lam, 2nd year University Student

Having worked in many community service projects, I noticed I didn’t always serve out of my heart. Through this missions trip, I want to learn to truly serve others with Christ’s love for people in the kingdom of God.

How can you partner with us?

Although God has been preparing us for this trip in the months beforehand, our team is not able to do it by our own strength and resources.  Therefore, we would like to invite you to partner with us and partake in this mission initiative together! There are two ways that you can be part of this journey.


We believe that prayer is the most powerful and effective way to support our team in accomplishing God’s work in the mission field!  There are four topics we would like to have you pray about for us – they are the 4B’s:


Other than prayer, your financial support will allow us to fulfill our mission to share the gospel with the people in Thailand.  To go on this trip, our team needs to raise a total amount of HKD $223,500 for accommodation, transport, daily necessities, and other miscellaneous needs and for supporting the local ministry.  There are two ways we can receive support from you.

Online giving

Here are the instructions for providing financial support via online giving.

Go to our giving page to find ways to provide financial support, and please follow additional guidelines below for giving specifically to our SMP 2020 fund.


Join us in the current fundraising event that we are having.  For more information, visit our fundraising page. We will also share more updates through our Instagram page, so be sure to follow our account to get the most up to date information! This video below explains how fundraising for this year works.

Thank you for your partnership with us in this summer missions project.  Your prayers and financial support will allow us to go on the missions project and bring the gospel to the lost people in Thailand!