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Sun · 21/1/18

The start of the new year is often filled with resolutions and goals that last only a brief time. As a global HMCC church, we want to start the new year by being filled with God’s love, grace, and purpose through corporate prayer and fasting that will lead us through the entire year. For 2018, the One Desire Fast theme is "Bold". Join us as we grow deeper in our spiritual lives through this fast and be embolden in our relationship with God.

We believe fasting is a discipline and posture of inviting God into our lives, not something to earn God’s favor. It is emptying ourselves of worldly things so we can be filled with God. If you have personal health concerns or this is your first time fasting, seek guidance from an accountability partner or LCG.

The prayer requests from all the HMCC churches are available online for download.

This year’s fasting guidelines are as follows:

  • 21 January sundown to 1 Feb sundown
  • Social media fast along with 2 options of fasting from food:
  • Option 1: One meal per day
  • Option 2: Liquids only