Our Values


S – Spirit-led ministry
We aim to depend on the Holy Spirit, whether through worship, prayer, or preaching.

L – Leadership ​development
“Everything rises and falls on leadership” is a phrase often heard at our church. We emphasize leadership development and training for the purpose of serving the church and the community around us.

T – Transculturalism
​G​od loves people of all tongues, tribes, and nations, and in order to reach the world with the gospel we must be willing to become uncomfortable in crossing social boundaries and adapting to different cultures.

C – Community
We are committed to building biblical communities that foster the 5 E’s: evangelism, exaltation, edification, education, and extension.

M – Ministry inside and outside
God has equipped us with spiritual gifts to use in building up the church and community, and we are committed to training, equipping, and empowering our members for ministry.

M – Missions through church planting
We believe the Great Commission is best fulfilled through a strategy of local church planting and growth for the purpose of consistent evangelism and discipleship.

D – Discipleship
The call to follow Christ involves surrendering our lives to God’s purposes and growing as Christ followers through life-on-life discipleship.