Meeting Location

Wo Lok Baptist Church
Richland Gardens, 80 Wang Kwong Road, Block 21-22 Podium

From Hung Hom MTR

  1. Come out of Hung Hom MTR Exit A1

  2. Continue on the walkway

  3. Toward the end of the bridge, take a left for the stairs before you reach PolyU campus

  4. Walk down the stairs toward the bus stop

  5. Walk toward the bus stops at the bottom of the stairs

  6. Keep walking along the bus stop

  7. Find the bus stop for 107 or 108

  8. Wait in line for Bus 107 or 108. Take either bus to the baptism location. (Note: Do NOT take Bus 107p)

  9. Take the bus for ~30 min and get off at the "Kai Yip Estate" bus stop

  10. There will be 2 schools across the street

  11. If you take Bus 108, it will be the last stop

  12. Turn backwards and walk toward the Wellcome across the street at the corner

  13. Take the stairs to foot bridge across from the Wellcome store

  14. Walk up the stairs

  15. Walk across the foot bridge to the other side of the street

  16. At the end of the bridge take a right and walk down a few steps reaching an entrance

  17. Go through the entrance to the estate and walk toward the RIGHT side

  18. Walk through the door at the right side corner of the courtyard

  19. Watch your step!

  20. Keep walking down the hallway

  21. Arrive at "Wo Lok Baptist Church" on your left hand side

  22. Parking for visitors: There is public parking at the Richland Mall nearby (2 min away)