Meeting Location

YMCA Wu Kai Sha, 2 On Chun St

From Ma On Shan MTR

  1. Follow signs for MTR Exit A

  2. Turn right when you reach Exit A and take the exit on the right

  3. Take MTR Exit A2

  4. Go inside the mall and follow the arrow to the store "S&K"

  5. Turn right into the hallway when you see the store "pe:tite"

  6. Walk straight toward the mall exit

  7. Go through the glass doors exit

  8. Go straight through the walkway

  9. Towards the end of the walkway, take the stairs on the left down to the street

  10. When you reach the bottom of the stairs continue walking straight in the same direction down the street (On Chun Street)

  11. Continue walking for about ~5-8 minutes

  12. Look for signs for Wu Kai (Kwai) Sha Youth Village, the entrance will be on the left

  13. Walk through the entrance, turn right, and walk towards the pink and blue "Administration Building"

  14. Walk under the cover of the "Administration Building", and continue walking through the covered walkway with the white pillars

  15. Continue walking for about ~3-5 minutes

  16. Look for the pink "Main Hall" on the left. Continue to walk past it.

  17. Towards the end of the white-pillared walkway, continue walking through the walkway with the stone brick wall

  18. Continue walking past the painted wall. Towards the end, take the stairs down.

  19. After taking the stairs down, you will see a big circle on the ground. Take another stairs down towards the yellow houses.

  20. Turn right and continue walking until you see the white chapel on your right

  21. Turn right and head into the chapel. Registration will be held there.