Meeting Location

Repulse Bay Beach

From Hung Hom MTR

  1. Follow signs that lead to exit A of Hung Hom MTR

  2. Follow the bridge toward PolyU campus

  3. At the sign for buses "HK Island South" take a left

  4. Take the stairs down toward the bus stop

  5. Wait and take bus 171 toward Ocean Park

  6. Get off the bus at "Aberdeen tunnel" stop

  7. Go around the corner and cross the street

  8. Take a right and follow the road towards second bus stop

  9. Wait at the bus stop

  10. Take any of the following buses toward Repulse Bay Beach (65, 6A, 6X, 73, 260, 973)

  11. Get off at "repulse Bay Beach" stop

  12. Look around until you see a hotel in front of you

  13. Cross the street to the other side of the road

  14. Take a slight left after you cross the street and take the stairs down toward the beach area

  15. Keep going down the stairs until you reach the beach area

  16. Once you hit the sand, go towards the right side until you reach the steps and pavilion